Hand Coffee Bean Grinder


The heart of coffee craftsmanship beats within our Hand Coffee Bean Grinder. A stainless steel masterpiece poised to transform every grind into an artful journey. Your manual prowess dictates the fineness, an adjustable marvel that caters to your desire – coarse tales or fine symphonies. Dedicated to your 3-cup reverie, it grinds 6 tablespoons of beans into of liquid poetry. Embrace ceramic ingenuity, a core that grinds without heat, leaving the original coffee melody intact. The elegant spiral pattern, a dance of ceramic precision, caresses every bean. Convenience meets innovation as the detachable design and washable elegance join hands – your path to the world within DarkDrip.

Material: Stainless steel

Type: Household Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder Coffee Machine

Design Style: Modern


Note: Keep your coffee tools and appliances clean and dry to ensure a fresh brew every time. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and descaling to prolong the lifespan of your coffee equipment.