Coffee Glass Funnel

Unveil the exquisite with our Glass Funnel Drip Coffee Maker, curated by DarkDrip. Beyond a brewing tool, it's a canvas for your coffee artistry. This reusable coffee funnel is your gateway to a pour-over journey that resonates with sophistication. Designed to embrace various vessels, its detachable PP base symbolizes our commitment to innovation. The funnel shape ensures an even distribution of hot water over the grounds, resulting in a flavorful cup of coffee. This coffee maker is easy to use - heat the filter, add grounds, and slowly pour the hot water. Experience the aromatic coffee you desire with this sleek and efficient coffee maker.


Capacity: 270g/9.52oz

Material: Glass and wood

Type: Coffee Maker

Design Style: Modern

Note: Glass products are delicate and can shatter easily if mishandled, so please handle them carefully.