Wooden Snail Coasters


Elevate your coffee moments with our Creative Wooden Snail Coasters—a charming fusion of beauty and utility. Crafted from Birch, Log, and Camphor woods, these coasters are designed to stand the test of time, thanks to their hydrophobic finish. Beyond their practicality, they double as house decor with their delightful snail design. We understand that coffee is an art form that extends to the entire experience, and these coasters are a testament to our commitment to sophistication in every detail. Celebrate the finer side of coffee with these exquisite additions to your coffee setup

Capacity:5 pcs

Material: Wood

Type: Stand

Design StyleModern

Note: Keep your coffee tools and appliances clean and dry to ensure a fresh brew every time. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and descaling to prolong the lifespan of your coffee equipment.